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About E Light Control

E Light Control was established to address the market need for energy efficient lighting products.
Bill Landsburg and Jim Kleinburd, with over 50 years combined of multi-faceted business experience, formed a partnership in 2009 dedicated to find cost effective solutions to a worldwide desire for energy savings.

James (Jim) Kleinburd

CEO and co-founder of Carbon360 Partners

Jim KleinburdJim is CEO and co-founder of Carbon360 Partners, a member of the Chicago Climate Exchange. Carbon360 sponsors energy and environmentally related projects and technologies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Jim has extensive experience in alternative energy from both technical and business applications especially in the wind power, biomass and waste management areas.

Mr. Kleinburd is a serial entrepreneur having started and developed several companies in a variety of fields. He has led hi-tech companies from start-up to international sales in the fields of monitoring and process control, product distribution and waste management. A graduate of the Wharton School, since 1996 his activities have focused on industrial applications and alternative energy.

Mr. Kleinburd has directed projects on five continents and has a talent for finding the appropriate technology for difficult tasks.

Contact Jim Kleinburd by email at jim@elightcontrol.com

William (Bill) J. Landsburg

Managing director of E Light Control Ltd.

Bill LandsburgBill is managing director of E Light Controls Ltd. Bill has extensive experience in sales, marketing, and management of multiple businesses. In 2007, he founded Arbanim Ventures, LLC, focusing on business development for early stage companies with unique technologies.

Most recently, Bill worked in the financial services industry, providing the design and implementation of investment services, insurance and employee benefits packages. Prior to that, he enjoyed a successful career in the computer industry as a regional manager responsible for the installation of both hardware and software solutions to wholesale, retail, and manufacturing companies. Earlier in his career, Bill served as Chief Operating officer for a retail home furnishing chain, managing multiple locations and employees in regional shopping malls and centers.

His current duties at E Light Control include the sales, marketing, and distribution of energy efficient lighting products throughout North America.

Contact Bill by email at bill@elightcontrol.com

Bruce Fox

Director of Sales and Marketing

Bill LandsburgBruce Fox was involved in all aspects of a family wholesale electrical supply business, Fox Electric Supply Company for over thirty years. He was responsible for maintaining an efficient warehouse that distributed supplies to hardware stores in the Philadelphia and New Jersey markets. In 1979, Bruce became President of Fox Electric Supply. From 1980 to 2000, Mr. Fox built the business into a $10 million entity, from distributing solely to hardware stores, into one with multiple locations that became self service supply stores for electricians, and open to the public for residential, commercial, and industrial business. Mr. Fox was responsible for site locations, deal negotiations, and employee hiring and training. He developed a proprietary computer system to manage inventory, sales functions, and a full general ledger package. He created an online internet site, with 14,000 inventory items, that sold electrical supplies across the United States. Under his leadership, Fox Electric Supply Company grew into an $18 million company with 85 employees. In 2006, Mr. Fox completed the sale of the business to a large regional company. After honoring his commitment to ensure a smooth transition, Bruce Fox joined E Light Control, LLC as Director of Sales and Marketing.

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